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Detroit t-shirts, community empowerment,

Gibraltar was a success!

The love and support was awesome!

So many nice people stopped by our booth I can’t wait to do it again!

If you didn’t get a chance to pick up a shirt in person you can order directly from the site http://Detroitreborn.com

Thanks for the well wishes and support!

Detroit t-shirts, community empowerment,

Detroit t-shirts for community empowerment

New Site and Logo

So I know anyone who has been keeping up with our progress has noticed that we just recently upgraded our site. With that change I saw it only fitting to have a professional logo to fit the new site look. So tada! Here it is and I love it!

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Detroit Reborn T-shirts to Empower the Community

The best part is we basically got it done for free so that’s awesome!

Our work is moving forward and we will find and secure a building this month, so we can start being an additional resource in the community to help rebuild our great city!

If you would like to donate to our Gofundme campaign goto http://www.gofundme.com/detroitrebornshirt

Thank you!

The Goal: Sell 1,000 shirts in 30 Days to Open Community Storefront

The Deadline: 4/23/15

Very doable that’s 1,000 divide by 30 which is only 33.33 shirts a day, so if you are reading this you can help. You can buy a shirt and share this page with your friends or just share it with someone who might like to get one, it all helps!

The why:

According to recent census it’s over 30,000 homeless people in Detroit, that’s nearly 5% of the population!
We are opening a storefront that will also serve the community by being a multi-use site. Not only be used for retail sales but also a community hub by being a collection center for food, clothes, health suppliess. We would also use the space afterhours to host workshops on domestic violence, mental health, business education, prisoner re-entry and other issues affecting the city. Please show your support and purchase a shirt today! Only $25!