Detroit Reborn T-Shirt Campaign


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Detroit Reborn T-Shirt Campaign

Detroit, MI-Kellen never saw it coming. “After almost two years of this I realized that my goal to really help people wasn’t being met the way I wanted, so I decided to make a change…fast forward to today and we have Detroit Reborn.”

“We are so glad to work on this campaign and to give back to the community. As a volunteer with Detroit Reborn, I am glad to give myself away to meet the needs of the community. It is such a pleasure getting involved on this project,” Jane Wilhem.

Detroit Reborn, a local T-shirt company based in Detroit, Michigan founded with a commitment to giving back to the community will be running a campaign to sell 1000 shirts by 4/24 to open a community empowerment storefront in northwest Detroit.

“As part of our campaign, A portion of all sales go to helping issues in Detroit like homelessness, education, domestic violence by supporting our obtaining a community storefront where we will host empowerment workshops, as well as be home to a clothing and food pantry on Detroit’s westside.”

This investment in communities will fuel a tangible and compelling response to the call for service, extending volunteerism and volunteer leader capacity to help solve some of our nation’s most critical issues. Kellen cited a range of community needs that an infusion of trained, managed volunteers could help address, including education, the environment and providing aid to economically-distressed families.

“Our storefront will be hosting free and low cost community empowerment workshops on small business startup, domestic violence and health education. There is going to be an on-site food and cloth pantry where visitors can take or leave things.”

According to Kellen, Founder of Detroit Reborn, “Often, the very best happiness lies in giving, and reaching-out to communities who need support and empowerment.”

About Kellen

Kellen was born and raised in Detroit, MI. He went to schools all over the city and ultimately graduated from Highland Park Career Academy on Glendale, then went to Eastern Michigan University where he graduated with a degree in African American studies and a minor in entrepreneurship.

“In college is where I met the love of my life Brandi, who became my wife in 2009. We lived comfortably in Ypsilanti, MI for several years as I worked as a community organizer for the non-profit Working America.”

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