Co-Founders Wall

I would like to send an extra special thank you to the people below. These people will forever hold a special place here because they believed in the mission from the very beginning. They wanted to be part of the change so they stood up and offered to help us start the work by contributing what they could some $10 some $500, but what matters most is that they helped. Truly you are appreciated. Thank you!

Keith and Mary Bynog

Elizabeth Youngblood

Tiara Butler

Daron and Crystal Douglas

Roderick and Brandi Hughes

Chalisa Phipps

Jacob Clayborne

Patrice Bell

Ruby Swindell

Jermond Booze

Antoine Massingille

Alan Koblin

Sara Case

Cynthia K.

Stacia Proefrock.

Justin Pitcher (I still owe you big)

Judy Shatter

Kelly Armitage

Lawrence Marcus

Karen Cain

Anthony Bahlibi

Penelope Bailer

Justin Feltman

Harmony Cook
Andrea Vogler
Diego Cruz
Donna Cady
Stephen Wilbert
Robert Tabet
Sohaib K
Jason Heien
Jay Smith
Instagramers Detroit
Leah Brown
Hannah Ellis

You can still get your name on this list of amazing people! How? Contribute to our gofundme campaign here or place your order today!

This is a very limited list so if you want you name here Order Now

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