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The Mission

The Goal: Sell 1,000 shirts in 30 Days to Open Community Storefront

The Deadline: 4/23/15

Very doable that’s 1,000 divide by 30 which is only 33.33 shirts a day, so if you are reading this you can help. You can buy a shirt and share this page with your friends or just share it with someone who might like to get one, it all helps!

The why:

According to recent census it’s over 30,000 homeless people in Detroit, that’s nearly 5% of the population!
We are opening a storefront that will also serve the community by being a multi-use site. Not only be used for retail sales but also a community hub by being a collection center for food, clothes, health suppliess. We would also use the space afterhours to host workshops on domestic violence, mental health, business education, prisoner re-entry and other issues affecting the city. Please show your support and purchase a shirt today! Only $25!