The Plan

The Plan:

We help schools, churches, community groups, youth sports teams, local small business and the like fundraise using t-shirts.  We also do custom t-shirt orders for those groups.

Future Plans:

We’re going to open a community storefront that serves as our retail space as well as a community hub.

What’s a community storefront?

We have a goal to empower the people here in our community, so with our storefront we’re going to open it up as a co-working space for other small businesses in the community to launch ideas from who have limited startup income.

The business owners would have access to high-speed wifi, a physical mailing address, shared desk spaces, conference room usage, print and fax capabilities all for a low monthly cost.

The storefront will also host community workshops taught by volunteers on small business startup, financial management, domestic violence, health and other issues pressing the community.

We will also host events to benefit the homeless and those facing tough times like maintaining a clothing and food pantry on-site with regular drives to replenish stock as well as food distribution from Gleaners Food Bank.

This will fulfill a desperate need for easing the burden of a start-up small business owner in the community of finding a suitable office space, signing a long lease, paying for all utilities and furnishing to have a proper place to meet clients, receive mail or do work.

This storefront will be located in the Northwestern area of Detroit, an area with a deep history of entrepreneurship. We’re looking to acquire an office building or complex that would be able to host several pop-up shops, with at least 2 conference room areas, an open floor plan for the co-working space and space for several small private offices, a community room and pantry.

To make this a reality we need your help, contribute to our GoFundMe campaign and help us, help us


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