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Hello everyone, my name is Kellen. I’m born and raised from right here in Detroit, MI. I have a story like many others from Detroit. I went to schools all over the city and ultimately graduated from Highland Park Career Academy on Glendale, then I went to Eastern Michigan University where I graduated with a degree in African American studies and a minor in entrepreneurship.

In college is where I met the love of my life Brandi, who became my wife in 2009. We lived comfortably in Ypsilanti, MI for several years as I worked as a community organizer for the non-profit Working America. While we were expecting our first child, the non-profit ran out of Michigan funding so I was laid-off.

I was then a substitute teacher in Ann Arbor and thought I really want to move back home to Detroit. So after landing a position with one of the biggest companies in the country that happens to be headquartered in downtown Detroit, things looked great, I was making money and had plenty of opportunity to advance, which I took full advantage of and worked my way up to a promotion the very first month I was eligible.

After almost two years of this I realized that my goal to really help people wasn’t being met the way I wanted, so I decided to make a change…fast forward to today and we have Detroit Reborn- A portion of all sales go to helping issues in Detroit like homelessness, education, domestic violence by supporting our obtaining a community storefront where we will host empowerment workshops, as well as be home to a clothing and food pantry on Detroit’s westside.

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  1. Hey there. Saw your IG post about helping to empower youth. I would like to help. I have a workshop series entitled One Single Roses Bloom wherein I mentor with youth in schools, churches, organizations, etc. I attempt to give them nuggets of knowledge relating to self-esteem and following their passions. There are so many bright youngSTARS who need to shine! If you’d like to check out a few pics from mentoring sessions, please visit my website here. http://onesinglerose.com/one-single-roses-bloom/

    Thank you very much and I hope all is well.

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